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  • Guide to recover deleted video from flip camera

    Flip camera is one of the most widely used camcorder around the world. It is an ultra mini camcorder which records the high resolutions video through H.264 video compression, AAC audio compression and the MP4 file format. It is very popular due to its high quality video recording capability, memory card expansion facility, and ultra thin design. It has an inbuilt video management application called flip share which helps you to store and manage your video files on the flip camera. Though, for most of the flip camera users, it is a very common situation that they lost their favorite videos files from flip share due to some reasons and want to recover deleted video from flip camera but have no idea of how to do so.


    There are so many reasons for the inaccessibility of video files from flip camera like accidental file deletion, file corruption, hard-ware defect, and hard drive malfunctioning as well as memory card corruption. If you face any of these situations, there is a great possibility of flip video file inaccessibility. The condition may become worse if you continue recording more video files in video loss situation. It may lead to the file overwritten situation, in which the memory spaces of lost video files are overwritten by the new video files. If the lost video files get totally overwritten then you cannot recover deleted video from flip camera.

    Whenever, you face any video loss situation in flip camera drive or in memory card installed in it, stop using the flip camera any further. Connect you camera to your computer. It will automatically show the drive of your flip on the screen. Click the search button and look for the video files which have become inaccessible or deleted. If you don’t get any result that means the files is not tracked by the OS. In this situation, you may use a powerful third party video recovery tool to recover deleted video from flip camera.


    The recovery of deleted video files depends on how much the file has been overwritten. If it is not overwritten, then the video recovery tool will be very effective in this situation. It has a powerful scanning algorithm through which it can recover the entire deleted file in no time. It has very easy to use interface through which you can complete the whole recovery process with out any technical skill.

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